Ongoing Projects

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Thematic Area Programs Current Projects
Thematic Area : 1 Safer Migration and
Economic Development
  1. Evidences based advocacy
  2. Finance Literacy
  3. Utilization of Remittance
  4. Anti Human Trafficking
  5. Entrepreneurship Development
1. Safe Migration 2. Youth and Entrepreneurship Development Project
Thematic Area: 2 Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Resilience
  1. Disaster Risk Reduction
  2. Climate Change Adaption
  3. Forest, Environment and NFT
  4. Natural Resource Management
  1. Climate resilience and Disaster Risk Riduction(CRDR)
  2. Flood Resilience Measurement Community(FRMC)
  3. Managing Risk through Economic Development
  4. Strengthening of Community Preparedness, Rapid Response and recovery Programm (SCOP-R3)
Thematic Area: 3 Education, Health and Wash
  1. Quality and Life Skill Education
  2. Safe Mother and Reproductive Health
  3. Woman Health
  4. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
  5. Nutrition Promotion
  6. Waste Management
  1. Samjik Sewa Ekai
  2. Access to Safe Water
  3. Peoples Lanscape Approach
  4. Education and Life Skill Opportunities for out of School Adolscents


National Environment and Equity Development Society Nepal
Together for Prosperity