Strengthening of Community Preparedness, Rapid Response and Recovery Programme (SCOP-R3)

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1. Introduction:

NEEDS Nepal in partnership with Oxfam 3 years Project named “Strengthening Community Preparedness, Rapid Response and Recovery Project (SCOP-R3) in Kanchanpur and Dadeldhura district to enhance capacities of communities on disaster preparedness, response, and recovery. The project works in 3 palikas of Kanchanpur district (Bheemdatta municipality, Dodhara-Chadani municipality, Beldandi rural municipality) and 1 palika of Dadeldhura district (Parsuram municipality). For the implementation of this program 40 communities were selected from Palikas. Based on the vulnerability situation accessed at the preliminary level communities were selected for the implementation of the program. 16 communities were selected in Bhimdatta Municipality, 10 communities in Dodhara Chandani Municipality, 6 communities in Parshuram Municipality and 8 communities were selected in Beldandi Rural Municipality. The program covers 22 wards in the above four municipalities.

2. Objectives

  • By the end of the project 40 communities are knowledgeable of local hazards, vulnerabilities and risks, and have developed and used disaster risk reduction and management plans.
  • Up to 200 local authorities, 30 local organizations 420 humanitarian actors, and 40 communities in Nepal have strengthened their technical capacity to prepare and respond to small scale disasters.
  • Up to 40 communities in Nepal, increase their connectivity with local and national authorities, civil society, and private sectors and actively engage in planning and managing humanitarian responses.
  • In partnership with women and youth organizations and private sector actors, local structures and systems are established and/or strengthened to enable local actors to respond to humanitarian crises in a timely and adequate manner.
  • Vulnerable household in 40 communities have access to the skills and resources necessary to stabilize and/or strengthen their household economy/income with support from private and public sectors before and after disasters.
  • Four Local governments units in Nepal have social protection Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) and market-based response mechanism in place for food security and livelihood restoration when disaster hits.
  • Up to 40 communities have livelihood risk mitigation and investment plans in place in Nepal.
  • Project learning contributes to improved community based DRR, response and recovery at practice and policy level in Nepal as well as with other countries and region.

Thematic Area Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Resilience
Project Name Strengthening Community Preparedness, Rapid Response and Recovery Project (SCOP-R3)
Implementing Agencies NEEDS Nepal
Lead Partner OXFAM Nepal
Geographical Coverage Bhimdatt municipality,Dodharachadani municipality,Beldadi rural municipality of Kanchanpur and Parshuram municipality of Dadeldhura
Objectives To strengthen capacities of communities for rapid response and recovery through technical DRR knowledge and skills as well as to promote livelihood though market linkage and enterprise development for vulnerable
Target Groups Disaster effected communities
Duration October 2020 to December 2023


National Environment and Equity Development Society Nepal
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