Education and Life Skill opportunities for Out of School Adolecents

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Back ground of the Project

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world with Human Development Index (HDI) value
of 0.587 keeping Sudurpashchim province 5th in rack with 0.547 HDI value. The Purchaudi
Municipality has very low HDI value 0.39. By the result of poverty, the children are compelled
to either drop out the schools or pushed to labour market not enrolling at the schools. The
evidence shows that 20.4% of grade 9 to 12 are out of school from poorest community whereas
6.8% of same cohort are from richest quartile. Rights to education and employment are the
provisions warranted by the constitution of Nepal 2007. However, large number of adolescents
are out of schools. The situation is alarming at secondary level as 10.4% adolescents aged 13-16
in Sudurpashchim are out of schools. The data shows that still 54.1% children aged 13-16 are
out of school in Purchaudi Municipality of Baitadi.
Another reason to be out of school or drop out is child marriage and the teen age pregnancy.
About 17% of the women aged 15-19 begin childbearing, 13% have live birth and 4% are
pregnant with their first child. Similarly, seasonal migration, school environment, education of
parents and disability are other major challenges.


All the Adolescents within the Purchaudi municipality will be enrolled in the school
and the adolescents who are out of the schools will get useful life skills and earn a living.

Project Objectives:

 About 2.1% of the population in Nepal are children with disability and evidence shows
that they are the most neglected by the family and society and are deprived of their
basic rights and are more likely to drop out from the schools due to the lack of disability
friendly environment. The discriminatory gender norm is one of the barriers for overall
wellbeing of adolescent girls. Therefore, the project aims to improve lifestyle of the
adolescents of Purchaudy Municipality promoting enrolment, life skills and vocational
skill opportunities.
 Through non-formal education Classes, 260 adolescents of Purchaudi municipality are
re-enroll to the school


80% of the 260 adolescents within the Purchudi Municipality will be enrolled in
formal education and the rest will be enrolled in life skills.


There will be no illiterate adolescents in Purchoudi municipality and a civilized and
cultured society will be built.


a) The project will follow the strategy to identify and enroll out of school children in the
formal education system The strategy will focus on creating enabling environment for
school dropped out and never enrolled adolescents. They will be encouraged to enroll
and continue their formal education at the appropriate grades.
b) They will be provided the learning opportunity via non-formal education session to
catch up the certain level of education to enroll at the appropriate grade. To retain
them at the schools, they will be provided educational support like stationeries, school
bags, uniform, references, etc.
c) To those, who are not able to join the formal education system, vocational training
opportunities will be provided in collaboration with CTEVT. After the training, the
selected training graduates from the marginalized communities will be provided
business start-up or seed money support.
d) Similarly, both school going and out of school adolescents will be provided life skill
session. The life skill session will be based on Rupantaran sessions. The sessions will be
customized in the technical support from UNICEF before they are delivered. To
implement the identified interventions, there will be close coordination with provincial and local government which will promote maximizing the impacts in enrolling out of
school adolescents at the schools and to provide them the opportunities of life skills and
vocational training.
e) Similarly, the capacity of the head teachers and teachers will be developed for leading
to meet the PMEC of the school, developing child-friendly school, identifying out of
school children, identifying education need of adolescents with disability and facilitating
to developing Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
f) In this way, there will be collaborative partnership with private sectors for supporting
business start up to the vocational training graduated adolescents and partnership with
private schools for enrolling out of school adolescents contributing as a corporate social
g) There will be continuous advocacy with the government and non-government
stakeholders including schools and communities throughout the project cycle for policy
formulation, budget allocation/ resource leverage, contribution and ensuring
sustainability of the good practices.

Thematic Area Education
Project Name Education and Life Skills Development Opportunities for out of school Adolescent Project
Funded By UNICEF
Implementing Agencies NEEDS Nepal Mahendranagar
Lead Partner SAC Nepal Surkhet
Geographical Coverage Purchaundi Municipality Baitadi
Objectives • To reduce the dropout rate of Adolescents in Purchaudi Municipality, Baitadi • To engage the adolescent in life skills and self-dependent.
Target Groups 10-19 years Adolescent, HTs, Teachers, Parents
Duration 1st March, 2022 to 30 Nov, 2023


National Environment and Equity Development Society Nepal
Together for Prosperity

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