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NEEDS Nepal established in 1999, as a non-for-profit, non-government organization, registered with the Government of Nepal. The organization has been active in the social sector from the last 22 years. We
were officially established as youth groups & were widely engaged in the society for social transformation, good governance and development. Along with the establishment, NEEDS Nepal has
been implementing multiples programs related to empowerment, socio-economic development and social transformation particularly for Children, Women, persons with disabilities, Dalit and Indigenous
people of the entire districts of Sudurpaschim Province who are marginalized and vulnerable to different social aspects and disasters . The organization has been partnership with various government and non
government agencies on social awareness, good governance, safe migration, livelihood, disaster risk reduction, WASH, enterprises & entrepreneurship programme within the prevailing policies and the
programs of the Government of Nepal and contributing to Sustainable Development Goals 2015-2030. NEEDS Nepal is a pioneer member in different networks and alliances in national, provincial and district
level like Social Welfare Council (SWC),DPNet, NGO Federation, DRR portal, Health & WASH Cluster other many sectoral alliances. Likewise, it is undertaking massively campaigning, advocacy& policy dialogue
and other initiatives on generating evidences base advocacy on provincial, local level and linking them to the national level.


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  • Enhance access of the men & women to basic services such as food security and nutrition, water, sanitation & hygiene, safe migration, health, education through awareness, capacity building and infrastructure support.
  • Improving income of men & women for sustainable livelihood transforming vocational skills, promotion enterprises, entrepreneurship & increasing access to finance through inputs on both agriculture and non-agriculture
  • Enhance resiliency of the vulnerable community at risk through preparedness, response, humanitarian support and practicing climate change adaptation measures.

Core Values

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  • Transparency : NEEDS Nepal is practicing to public audit of infrastructure development works and more than NPR 50 thousand on awareness, advocacy & campaignevents in respective communities.Being mission-focused, producing measurable outcomes, conducting program evaluations and developing and maintaining sound financial management are important elements of our accountability.
  • Good Governance : NEEDS Nepal have emphasized & practised to several policies, guidelines and administrative documents to support highly good governance and social justice in society as well in the organizational structures. It has emphasized in the organizational authority delegation & shifting responsibility & controlling system in the Executive Board, Senior Management team and Programme team in the absence of the respective people. Thus, the organization has been able to deliver effectively & timely to advocate the rights of poor, deprived, backward and needy people of communities by sensitizing the procedures of resources mobilization through local bodies.
  • GESI and Social Justice : We are highly emphasizing gender equality, social inclusion & social justice by incorporating our Human Resource Management Guideline, GESI guidelines, Safeguarding and Child Protection policy, code of conducts, staffing, our targeted selection guidelines and other project documents to operate the programme for inclusiveness.
    NEEDS Nepal priorities the Women,Dalit,Janjati, persons with disabilities, & deprived groupsduring staffs recruitments and more than 60% women are targeted in the communitie swherever NEEDS Nepal has been presented. NEEDS Nepal has been implementing various programs related to empowerment, humanitarian response, disaster risk reduction, socio-economic development, WASH, enterprises, entrepreneurship, business promotion through business model and increasing access on finance and social transformation particularly for children, women, dalit and indigenous people of the entire Lumbini & Sudurpaschim Province who are ultra poor, marginalized and vulnerable to different issues of the society.


National Environment and Equity Development Society Nepal
Together for Prosperity