Safe Migration and Anti Trafficking Prevention Project

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Thematic Area Safe Migration & Economic Development
Project Name Enabling Safe Labour Migration in Doti District
Funded By AWO International/BMZ
Implementing Partner NEEDS NEPAL
Geographical Coverage Adarsha Rural Municipality Doti and Transit Mahendranagar Kanchanpur
Objectives Impact: The project contributes to safe migration and quality of life enhancement in remote areas of Nepal
Outcome-1: (Potential) migrants and returnees are empowered to adopt safe migration practices, identify re-integration perspectives and develop alternative livelihood options.
Outcome-2: Capacity building of Social Structures for Advocacy on Safe Labor Migration and Anti-Human Trafficking
Outcome-3: Enhanced income opportunities for potential migrants, returnees and social structures
Target Groups Potential migrants, returnees and spouse of migrants
Duration 1 January 2023 -31 December 2025


National Environment and Equity Development Society Nepal
Together for Prosperity

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