Climate Resilience and disaster risk reduction (CRDR)

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This project builds on learning from previous Oxfam in Nepal Projects that were also
implemented in the same region. Its main aim is to mitigate the risk and impact of disaster on 5
remote communities in 1 municipality, mostly comprised of remote and off the radar river basin
villages as well as urban areas highly exposed to recurring natural hazards such as floods,
landslides and drought, with high levels of poverty and vulnerability….Read More.

Thematic Area Environment, Climate Change and Disaster Resilience
Project Name CRDR (Climate Resilience and disaster risk reduction)
Funded By Oxfam GB
Implementing Agencies NEEDS NEPAL
Lead Partner Oxfam in Nepal
Geographical Coverage Parshuram-06
Objectives To help certain number of families with construction works such as construction of dams, marking centers and others
To help with the agricultural commodities like tillers, grain bins, harvesters, fertilizers and so on.
Installation of new irrigation equipment and manage and the existing ones.
To retain the quality of land for production of agricultural goods
To encourage people about plantation and start planting trees
Target Groups Vulnerable to disasters and Poor Women
Duration 11.5 months


National Environment and Equity Development Society Nepal
Together for Prosperity

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